We are Expensive, but you are worth it!

For anyone who has ever thought of hiring an Interior Designer the one thing that is consistent with almost everyone that you speak with is the total lack of consistency. Pretty much every designer will have a different way of structuring their business, some are hourly, some are flat fee, some charge mark up and some don’t. This makes choosing a designer based on cost almost impossible, which raises a larger question, what is their value?

The hiring of a designer is not something that should be based on cost, but rather on value. No one ever brags that they have the cheapest dentist, they boast about having the best, the one that gives them and their families the greatest value.

No matter which way your designer structures their business, the biggest issue is, am I getting value for what I pay? How do I determine that? Well here are a few ways that as designers we create value for you.

  1. Selection – Have you ever walked into a furniture store and just become shell shocked? Should I buy that sofa or that one? What table will go with that? And you want to charge what????  Your designer not only will help filter these choices and guide you through the process of selection, but with their years of experience will have sources that you didn’t even know existed to add to the mix.
  2. Streamline the Process- When you are working with a designer, you will probably never know the drama they have shielded you from. Everything from damaged deliveries, to wrong color ways to cancelled orders, all dealt with on your behalf. It’s not even a matter of saving you the time and effort of dealing with this yourself, many times they will fix problems before they even become to your attention or will leverage their relationships to make miracles happen on your behalf , anyone need their wallpaper in the Dining Room by Thanksgiving?
  3. Create the Backdrop for your Life- While i agree this one is a bit more intangible than the two previous, I think above all else this is where our true value lies. So much of most people’s lives are dedicated to creating a lifestyle for their families. We work hard at jobs, we stay late, we run from soccer practice to rehearsals all in the name of providing a loving and stable home. I argue that the one place where our families spend most of their time, our homes, are the place that has the greatest potential to shape our lives. From the practical aspects like providing a welcoming space for the family to sit and gather for meals to the more nurturing idea of creating a haven that reflects our history and encourages our future, these are all things that only a truly trained and experienced designer can bring to your life.

So when you are considering hiring a designer, keep in mind, yes it is going to be expensive, but you, and your family are totally worth it!