Before & After

Remodeling a Life in Atlanta, GA

Our client had not only recently gone though a divorce, but quite literally, had her ceiling cave in on her. Due to years of neglect, the plaster ceiling in her office completely fell, just missing her by minutes.

This was exactly the impetus that she needed to change her life around. Through the process of renovating, updating, and refreshing her home, she was able to leave the past behind and step into a new phase of life with a beautiful home in which she fell back in love.

Not much was left untouched in her Atlanta home, every room was redone and the construction and furnishings were all managed by our firm. What started with new ceilings resulted in a major makeover throughout the house with the end result being a colorful and spirited home that finally reflects the homeowner’s personality.

A dated family room was in dire need of a facelift.

Design Process – We started with the TV and newly acquired art as our focal point and adjusted the layout for easy conversation and lounging. New lighting, comfortable furnishings and a rug were added as well as light controls for the windows.

The end result is a cozy space for the family to relax and unwind.

We turned this once very beige powder room into a stunning jewel.


The kitchen was transformed by simply painting the existing cabinets and incorporating a lighter color palette. More space was created by adding a banquette to the existing island and creating a casual dining nook. this also allowed utilization of the previously un-functional table area for more cabinetry and a desk. Feminine, beautiful and functional. 

Dining Room

The plaster ceiling in the dining room was also suspect so it too was removed but in its stead a wood ceiling was installed. Liming the wood added softness and the new wall trim added to the sophistication of the room. We reused the clients dining set but reupholstered the chairs and added removable slip covers for entertaining options. New custom curtains, lucite hardware, lighting, art and a rug complete the look.

Living Room

New everything for the living room as well – including a coordinating ceiling with the dining room. A cool color scheme warmed up with limed wood floors, brass accents, and grounded with a stunning rug. Existing upholstery was brought to life with new fabrics and paint.

Post/Design Credit: D. John Design