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Making Modern Cozy

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life” –Marie Kondo

It happens time and time again, clients want to hire us to create a modern, clean interior design for them, but they shy away from the style because they think that it will leave them home feeling cold and uninviting. Well let me tell you that modern styling is not by definition stark and unapproachable, like anything else it’s all in the details.

Over the years at Mark Cutler Design we have refined a style that we have come to call warm Modernism, because not only are the spaces we create warm and inviting they are also true to the modernist idea of simplicity and straightforwardness. How is this so? Here are a few ways that we approach this style.

Prioritize your furniture choices:

One of the biggest complaints that I hear about modernist designs is that tit is all about style over substance and that while the seating may look good, who wants to sit in it? Well, not every piece in your room is sat in, so decide which pieces will be the most used, and which are really there for occasional use or even perhaps as pieces of useable sculpture. Let that guide your choice about which pieces you buy. This will give you both comfortable seating as well as a few chic pieces that set the mood.

Don’t Forget about Basic Design Principles

I don’t care whether you are doing a traditional European style home or a pared down Modern one, design principles are just that. One way to make your modern design more hospitable is to pay attention to the ideas of color, pattern and texture.   A room all of one texture or color can very quickly become boring to the eye, so spend some time developing what your designer calls, layers. So some areas of full texture counterpointed against some of shiny metallic etc, this will create a room that is pleasing to the eyes and the senses.

Do not confuse Modernist with Monastic

Just because you want a pared down look doesn’t mean the room has to be empty. I happen to think that the addition of things such as window treatments, rugs and table lamps are all opportunities to reinforce the style rather than detract from it.

The most important thing to remember is to be clear with your designer not just about the style you are hoping to have them create but about the way you want to use the space. The advantage of using a trained professional is that they may bring ideas and techniques to the table that you didn’t even imagine. So don’t be quick to dismiss the idea of a modern yet cozy room, your designer will have a creative solution for just about any design problem.