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Interior Design Can Transform your Life, Here’s How.

When I work professionally with my clients, I have a very specific process that I go through with them. One part of that process is that I do not let them see the house for the last two weeks of the project. I want them to walk into a finished design, and have that one chance to see the house the way all future guests will see it.

It can be a very special moment.

I will never forget one particular couple—the male half of it was quite a famous film actor. And on the day that I was to “reveal” their new home, he pulled me aside to tell me, “We are not really emotional people, so if you don’t get a big reaction from us, don’t be concerned. We know we will love the house, we just may not show it.”

I just smiled. Because not more than ten minutes later, they were standing in their new foyer with tears streaming down their faces. He pulled me aside again to tell me, “We used to visit houses like this, and say to each other, ‘We will know that we have really made it when we have a house like this.’ Mark that is what you have given us.”

Moments like these don’t come along all that often, but what I learned that day was that design is not about a pretty sofa, or proving how wealthy you are, or pretending to be someone you’re not. The design is about creating an environment for your family that can truly transform your life. The exciting part of this is that it doesn’t matter whether you have a hundred dollars or a hundred thousand dollars to spend on your home. When done correctly, a good design can alter the life of your family, regardless of budget.
So what are some examples of how good design can encourage you to live a better life? Well, studies have shown that families that eat dinner together are generally happier. It’s possible to design a room that really motivates your family to sit down together and talk. Maybe it’s as simple as more comfortable dining chairs, or perhaps a more casual dining room that is inviting to the whole family. A simple change like this can have a ripple effect throughout the lives of everyone in your household.

One of the simplest ways to introduce change into your home is with paint. Color can be such a mood driver in a home. I happen to love very light color palettes I think that they provide bright, dynamic backgrounds to a home, but if you are a fan of color pay attention to what you choose. Cooler (blues and greens) colors can provide a more calm and quiet atmosphere whereas warmer (orange and red) colors can make a room feel more active and powerful.

Lastly, the design is not always about what you put into a space. What you choose to take out of it can often have just as much of an impact. So if you want to make a big change to a room that feels neglected, try decluttering and organizing the space. One of my favorite techniques is to totally empty a room (this might be the chance you need to reevaluate the paint too), clean it from top to bottom, and then slowly start to put your things back. This process will give you a chance to think carefully about each piece in your room. Does it help the room be better (then in it goes), if it doesn’t then toss or donate. It’s amazing how you can transform your space with a discerning eye and a large trash can! If you have a lot of collectibles or knickknacks, rather than spreading them around the room, group them, as it will give them a more deliberate feel.