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Every Room Tells A Story

I am a firm believer that Interior Design is a form of portraiture, and that every room we design tells the story of the family that lives there. This philosophy can manifest itself in many different ways, it could be as simple as a collection of family photos forming a gallery wall, or as we did for a famous comedian, a collection of old carnival memorabilia.

Sometimes it is geography that inspires me, like this Pied a Terre we recently finished in San Francisco. It was for a young family that did a lot of business in the city and needed a place for meetings and occasional overnight stays. So what better source of inspiration than the San Francisco itself!

In the Living Room, can you spot the references? The coffee table is a chromed rock (Alcatraz AKA “The Rock”), the wood tubular standing lamp by the column (Coit Tower), the dining room table (designed to look like the Golden Gate Bridge) and lastly the vintage chandelier meant to evoke the idea of city lights sparkling through the mist.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Now this may seem a little extreme, but remember this space is really a glorified hotel room. There are ways that you and your designer can incorporate this philosophy into your home to make it a more personal story. Perhaps it’s pillows made from the shirt you were wearing when you met your one true love, or maybe a wall map that the family can add to with each destination that you visit as a family. There are many ways to do this, but the overriding idea is that your home should not just be a collection of beautiful objects, it should be a personal statement about your family, your history and your values.